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Vietnamese Fragrant Rice ST21

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Vietnamese Fragrant Rice ST21 is very famous in China. Every year, China imports a lot of ST21 fragrant rice from Vietnam and Chinese consumers like this fragrant rice so much. Besides, ST21 is also exported to other Asian countries. Africa, Europe and America. Fragrant rice ST21 is characterized by small kernel, white, long and light aroma. ST 21 rice is produced from ST rice variety of Soc Trang province. ST 21 rice variety has been researched and produced from rice varieties. Specially, the flavor, quality and taste superior to other fragrant rice, nutrient content in rice are very high. Fragrant rice ST21 is premium quality rice and is one of the most exported fragrant rice of Vietnam today. Soc Trang rice is sweet rice, sweet flavor makes the food will be remembered forever.

Moisture                                                   (%, max) 14.0
Foreign matters                                       (%, max) 0.1
Chalky  kernels                                       (%, max) 3.0
Damaged  kernels                                   (%, max) 0.5
Immature kernels                                     (%, max) 1.0
Red and Streaked kernels                     (%, max) 0.5
Yellow kernels                                         (%, max) 0.5
Paddy grain                                (grains/kg, max) Nil
Average Length of Whole Grain                  (mm) 6.2
Milling degree Well  milled, double polished and sortexed
Crop New


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